Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not putting up with it

Sooooooooooooooooooo, like I have said before I work with those that are Intellectually Disabled.  To be honest you have to be a hard ass most days.  Stick up and stand your ground.  I am one of those people who won't let other water things down or sugar coat things.  Tell me like it is.  I will do the same to others as well.  I would rather someone be honest with me rather than lying to not hurt my feelings, no tell me!  It becomes exhausting doing this ALL the time.  It is like being a mom, although I am not one and not ready for that yet!  Anyways about being the mom it is not putting up with bull shit all the time, whether it be the people I work with or a boss.  Yeah it becomes exhausting.....

And after working this job all day I sometimes go to my night job at the mall.  I put my things in my locker and don't really lock it because my car keys with my locker key on them are inside.  Yeah it became locked last night....  Ever at work and just want to stand there and scream "Are you FREAKING kidding me?"  yeah had that moment majorly last night. 

My birthday is coming up and I requested the Saturday off afterward to hopefully be able to head down and visit with friends in Pittsburgh!  Haven't had a day off in sometime.  And haven't seen some of these friends in a while either so it seems like perfect timing to head on down and go and visit some great friends!  YEAH sounds like a great idea to me!

Hope you are able to remember to take some time to yourself and rest!  But also remember to hang out and enjoy the time with some great friends!

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