Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So it is that time of year again...Christmas

It is my favorite that is for sure,although I think we should be living this style out the entire year not just a month.

Anyways, we all have those family members who just piss us off regardless of what they do.  I might be that person for some of them and I am ok with that, I have come to realize that not everyone in life is going to like me for me and that is ok.

With that, we aren't suppose to have favorites in our family- I love all my cousins the same as well as aunts and uncles.  Why are there those out there that insist on treating others differently in the family?  Like seriously?  I have been dealing with this for years.  I haven't said anything but rather keeping this all inside and having those moments where all I wanted to do was scream at the top of my lungs.  When did society say it is ok to have favorites and treat others differently?  And why did we let this happen and say it is ok? 

I think this was on a Gilmore Girls episode that I saw where Loraeli said to Emily that she doesn't want things from her in life and things for her daughter but rather she wanted her to be at every ballet recital, softball game, graduation, and girl scout event.

I want these to be the things that matter most in my life and for those in it.  I do not want the things and for you to like me more than the others.  I want you to be there and treat me just like you treat the rest of us.  I have also said this to my parents for whenever I have children down the road, I would want them to do the same things in all of their lives.

So for those of you that have disrespected me for years now, I have lost trust in you, I have also lost the respect for you.  I also am not going to let you hurt me anymore like you have in the past.  So if you are looking for me to care, you're wrong because you have hurt me for the last time.

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