Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So it is that time of year again...Christmas

It is my favorite that is for sure,although I think we should be living this style out the entire year not just a month.

Anyways, we all have those family members who just piss us off regardless of what they do.  I might be that person for some of them and I am ok with that, I have come to realize that not everyone in life is going to like me for me and that is ok.

With that, we aren't suppose to have favorites in our family- I love all my cousins the same as well as aunts and uncles.  Why are there those out there that insist on treating others differently in the family?  Like seriously?  I have been dealing with this for years.  I haven't said anything but rather keeping this all inside and having those moments where all I wanted to do was scream at the top of my lungs.  When did society say it is ok to have favorites and treat others differently?  And why did we let this happen and say it is ok? 

I think this was on a Gilmore Girls episode that I saw where Loraeli said to Emily that she doesn't want things from her in life and things for her daughter but rather she wanted her to be at every ballet recital, softball game, graduation, and girl scout event.

I want these to be the things that matter most in my life and for those in it.  I do not want the things and for you to like me more than the others.  I want you to be there and treat me just like you treat the rest of us.  I have also said this to my parents for whenever I have children down the road, I would want them to do the same things in all of their lives.

So for those of you that have disrespected me for years now, I have lost trust in you, I have also lost the respect for you.  I also am not going to let you hurt me anymore like you have in the past.  So if you are looking for me to care, you're wrong because you have hurt me for the last time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not putting up with it

Sooooooooooooooooooo, like I have said before I work with those that are Intellectually Disabled.  To be honest you have to be a hard ass most days.  Stick up and stand your ground.  I am one of those people who won't let other water things down or sugar coat things.  Tell me like it is.  I will do the same to others as well.  I would rather someone be honest with me rather than lying to not hurt my feelings, no tell me!  It becomes exhausting doing this ALL the time.  It is like being a mom, although I am not one and not ready for that yet!  Anyways about being the mom it is not putting up with bull shit all the time, whether it be the people I work with or a boss.  Yeah it becomes exhausting.....

And after working this job all day I sometimes go to my night job at the mall.  I put my things in my locker and don't really lock it because my car keys with my locker key on them are inside.  Yeah it became locked last night....  Ever at work and just want to stand there and scream "Are you FREAKING kidding me?"  yeah had that moment majorly last night. 

My birthday is coming up and I requested the Saturday off afterward to hopefully be able to head down and visit with friends in Pittsburgh!  Haven't had a day off in sometime.  And haven't seen some of these friends in a while either so it seems like perfect timing to head on down and go and visit some great friends!  YEAH sounds like a great idea to me!

Hope you are able to remember to take some time to yourself and rest!  But also remember to hang out and enjoy the time with some great friends!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Small Things in Life

So one of my jobs, well 2 of them, I work at the mall.  For the Christmas time we got these headphones to wear and talk with one another, yeah you don't understand but it is the small things that crack us up and can make our day! YAY to new fun things!

With working at the mall, I was talking with a co-worker about what to say to people now a days Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas....yeah I say Merry Christmas.  What are your thoughts?  It is a holiday to celebrate Jesus' birthday, that is the beginning of CHRISTmas!  Like hello....anyways what are your thoughts one what people should say around this time of year Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Monday, October 24, 2011


So one of my jobs I work with those that are Intellectually Disabled, Mentally Retarded is no longer the correct political term!  Anyways I truly do enjoy work with them, they teach me so many different things as well as me teaching them.

Today one of the guys told me I should get paid for being the comedian of the workshop area rather than doing what I normally do.  Course I crack up at all.  I would enjoy that more too that's for sure, I mean getting paid to do some jokes like heck yeah! haha  Yeah I have always cracked my jokes and said and done the most random of things, but I would rather have that then a boring life with no humor :)  Laughter is said to be the best medicine, then I shall laugh myself to always get better!

Along with this is one of my favorite bible verses:  "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thes 5:16-18  We are called to rejoice always and enjoy very moment given to us!  I guess this verse always inspires me to laugh more than normal, and normal for me is well pretty much all day every day! 

This verse also reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances.  That can be difficult when you are pissed off at pretty much everything and everyone. I had a friend in college who would ask me how my day was, he could obviously tell it was a horrible day and all I wanted to do was hid from everyone, but then her would say you know what you are having a great day because you are breathing today.  haha Very true I guess I was having a great day that I had oxygen and water to drink.  So even in moments of horrible days remember to give thanks in all circumstances!

I am sure there are many more funny moments of my times in college and my current positions to come!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jam out song

I feel like I have also started this blog because Twitter only lets you write a certain amount, and well sometimes I have more to say than what Twitter is letting me!


When this song comes on the radio I blast it and completely jam out.  It is so inspiring to hear that regardless of what you are doing  you are able to glorify God.

I had a difficult time with this in college.  I was wondering which then turned into dwelling and focusing on the fact that if I want to work for God should I work in the ministry field?  I mean it is not necessary but I just wasn't sure how else I would be able to work that into my everyday life.  (Whenever I do get to where I would like to be in my life I really do think I would be volunteering in children's/ youth ministry.  As you may be teaching them, they could be teaching you much more in life, or God working through them to show you different lessons in life)

I mean by no means do I want to do what I am doing for the rest of my life.  I work 3 jobs to try and over pay on student loans because I live in an area where there is nothing else to do so why the heck not get another job and work more.  So while I am doing this how am I able to Glorify and work for him?  It would surprise you on how some of your co-workers or supervisors could inspire you to do more and reach for what your real calling is.  As I would work my day job and then go to one of my mall job until the mall would close I would be exhausted, but could have the best conversation ever with my manager about life.  I mean I would not think for this job to show me so many things, yet you never know when something could creep up on you and then realize that God is working in amazing ways in your life regardless of what kind of career you have.  I just need to remember to keep my ears open for whenever He is speaking.  Are you hearing what is being said to you?

Starting of something new

I have been saying for a little while, and also encouraged by others, to start a blog....So here we go!  The contents on here do not reflect and of my places of work but rather my thoughts or reactions to something.

While at church today I was sitting there watch the kids during childrens sermon just get so excited about the smallest things.  I then wondered when we as adults stopped doing that?

There is this cute girl who I always see such joy in her.  She is around 8 or so and her mom past away a few years ago, and she has been diagnosed with a disease shortly after her moms death.  She always has this smile on her face.  She sits right behind me and I always hear her start the Lords prayer and say it the whole way through, I am not sure when I learned it but I am so impressed with her.  It always makes me think of how it says to act like a child, I mean we are encouraged to act like children and enjoy the simple things that use to make us smile everyday!  I feel like this little girl reminds me to act like a child sometimes and enjoy the simple things in life!  The simple things tend to be more enjoyable too.

So don't forget to act like a child today and enjoy the small things in life!