Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jam out song

I feel like I have also started this blog because Twitter only lets you write a certain amount, and well sometimes I have more to say than what Twitter is letting me!

When this song comes on the radio I blast it and completely jam out.  It is so inspiring to hear that regardless of what you are doing  you are able to glorify God.

I had a difficult time with this in college.  I was wondering which then turned into dwelling and focusing on the fact that if I want to work for God should I work in the ministry field?  I mean it is not necessary but I just wasn't sure how else I would be able to work that into my everyday life.  (Whenever I do get to where I would like to be in my life I really do think I would be volunteering in children's/ youth ministry.  As you may be teaching them, they could be teaching you much more in life, or God working through them to show you different lessons in life)

I mean by no means do I want to do what I am doing for the rest of my life.  I work 3 jobs to try and over pay on student loans because I live in an area where there is nothing else to do so why the heck not get another job and work more.  So while I am doing this how am I able to Glorify and work for him?  It would surprise you on how some of your co-workers or supervisors could inspire you to do more and reach for what your real calling is.  As I would work my day job and then go to one of my mall job until the mall would close I would be exhausted, but could have the best conversation ever with my manager about life.  I mean I would not think for this job to show me so many things, yet you never know when something could creep up on you and then realize that God is working in amazing ways in your life regardless of what kind of career you have.  I just need to remember to keep my ears open for whenever He is speaking.  Are you hearing what is being said to you?

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