Sunday, October 23, 2011

Starting of something new

I have been saying for a little while, and also encouraged by others, to start a blog....So here we go!  The contents on here do not reflect and of my places of work but rather my thoughts or reactions to something.

While at church today I was sitting there watch the kids during childrens sermon just get so excited about the smallest things.  I then wondered when we as adults stopped doing that?

There is this cute girl who I always see such joy in her.  She is around 8 or so and her mom past away a few years ago, and she has been diagnosed with a disease shortly after her moms death.  She always has this smile on her face.  She sits right behind me and I always hear her start the Lords prayer and say it the whole way through, I am not sure when I learned it but I am so impressed with her.  It always makes me think of how it says to act like a child, I mean we are encouraged to act like children and enjoy the simple things that use to make us smile everyday!  I feel like this little girl reminds me to act like a child sometimes and enjoy the simple things in life!  The simple things tend to be more enjoyable too.

So don't forget to act like a child today and enjoy the small things in life! 

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